Back To Basics: What is a virtual server?

The subject of the title might sound like an object from a sci-fi movie, but there’s a real chance that you could be accessing services and websites using virtual servers right now. They’re used by many millions of website creators, designers, technicians, engineers, bloggers and other utilisers of the World Wide Web every day. Continue reading →

Samsung launches Galaxy Note 7 in India priced at INR 59,900

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of its much-awaited flagship device, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in India. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the most powerful smartphone with cutting-edge features that enable consumers to explore experiences beyond boundaries and achieve what is impossible. Setting a new standard for large-screen devices, Galaxy Note7 offers seven meaningful innovations […] Continue reading →

3 Ways Travelers Can Benefit from Wireless Internet

You don’t have to think hard to realize that wireless internet can be a lifesaver when you’re travelling. But though they appear to merely do away with wires, they offer more advantages than that. By relying on radio frequencies to connect consumers and even businesses to the Internet, they offer improved convenience and flexibility. But […] Continue reading →