How to Disable Auto-Refresh in Internet Explorer 10

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Internet Explorer automatically refreshes a page habitually. There is no qualm that it is a bad feature by which you can automatically get the newest version of any online games or anything else. But it becomes exasperating when you are reading a page and it takes a refresh automatically. You will lose your deliberation completely.

Internet Explorer is such a web browser which is known as most secure browser for web browsing. In every official purpose, Internet Explorer is a mandatory browser. Though it is not yet so attuned with slow internet connection but you can use it without any crash. But before using it for your blog, make sure that you have disabled the ad in IE.

Internet Explorer is an in-built web browser in Windows 8 which comes with metro version and desktop version, you can install IE 10 on Windows 7 though. Anyway, everything is Okey till now.

How to disable auto-refresh in Internet Explorer 10?

  • This is however very easy. Open your browser and press the “Gear” button and “Internet Options” respectively.
  • Therefore, go to “Security” tab and press the option that says “Custom Level”.

Disable Auto-Refresh in Internet Explorer 10

  • Scroll down and pick out “Allow META REFRESH”. Just change the option to “Disable” and make sure your changes.

Disable Auto-Refresh in Internet Explorer 10

That’s it! You have almost done!

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