A few tips for successful Magento Store Management

magento-store How many times have you logged in into Magento admin panel just to find out that some important products have been changed or even deleted by other admin users? And you need to restore them or create them again. And you promise yourself that next time you won’t give access to the admin panel to […]

6 reasons why Singapore is the best place to live

singapore-lion Food capital of the world   Singapore controls the ‘internet with food blogs where hungry people divide, contend, compare and swap foodie fodder, scrubbing the island for new tastes. And nearly every possible victual from every earthly corner has a home in Singapore. Decorative authentic Egyptian Baba Ghanoush? Arab Street’s got you covered. Desire something […]

Renting and Selling Property Becomes Easier with a New Web Portal

Housing.com Internet penetration in India is growing at a rapid rate. More and more households are now choosing to have internet connection. Ecommerce Industry is booming like anything. And the aura of the online market place is not limited to retail, it is growing and spreading its wings across various sectors. In 2013, India’s complete e-commerce […]

DVDFab DVD Copy: Best & Useful software for Cloning DVDs

DVDfab-DVD-copy You all must have heard something, somewhere about DVDFab DVD Copy and if not then you have missed one of the best software for cloning your DVDs. This software is widely popular one and even praised for its flexibility as well as power. It allows users to copy DVD within few clicks as well as […]

Shop Online and Save Huge with CouponChaska

Coupon-chaska Every time a user goes ahead and tries to buy anything online, he would try to get the best price possible and then he would want to use a code over it just to get more discount. There have been so many coupons on the internet these days that there are dedicated websites for the […]

CouponRani – Save Money while Shopping Online!!

CouponRani Coupons are the new love of shopaholics these days, customers have been going really crazy after these coupons. It gives them a relief when they actually use one, to lower the cost of their total cart. So, it is quite obvious that this trend must have been tapped till now and so there are number […]

First International Conference; ClickZLive Singapore 2014!!

IMG_2550 Hello everyone, In this post I wanna share the experience of my first international conference trip which i have attended in the first week of december. I always wanted to travel around the world and its just started with blogging and most importantly VersedTech Blog. In the month of november i’ve got two event invites, […]

The Best Ways to Efficiently Promote a Blog

Credits: http://pixabay.com/en/blogging-computer-female-girl-15968/ Blogging is a former trend that has turned into so much more for many people. Blogs have become a tool that people and business alike have come to use on a daily basis for a wide variety of reason. Blogging can be anything from a part-time hobby to a full-time career, but only if it […]

DVDFab Ripper Software Review

credits: http://www.technected.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/dvdfab-ripper-1.png There are many softwares available nowadays in the market to rip your DVD and save them on your PC’s hard disk. But, do all of the softwares allow you to save your audios and videos to your desired format??? The Answer will be no, as they don’t have various preset profiles to allow you to […]

Comparison: Apple Pay VS Google Wallet

apple-pay-vs-google-wallet In this article, Let us compare Apple Pay with Google Wallet. Mobile payments are believed to represent the future of money, with more and more retailers as well as consumers responding positively to the shift. Mobile payments eliminate the need to carry cash or a debit card, with the user’s financial information integrated into a […]

How to Install a Wi-Fi Booster easily

mobile-signal-booster Today, computers are being used for more than just sending emails, and typing documents. Homes and businesses are becoming increasingly digital and are relying on their computers to handle the demand. With tasks like storing precious family photos, or hosting an online media collection, home computing is even more dependent on a stable network connection. […]

Mobile Signal Boosters and Radiation

cell-phone-booster-nikrans It looks like today we’re getting irradiated more than ever. Laptops, tablets, smartphones – we simply can’t live a day without something electronic in our hands. Despite being widespread, all these devices make certain impact on human health. Even different kinds of electric appliances we use every day at home are considered to be unsafe. […]