DVDFab – Best DVD Ripper in the Market

dvdfab-best-dvd-ripper Ripping a DVD does not mean what the name actually suggests. A user usually copy and pastes the file he require from the DVD to a computer folder. But these files usually end up being in junk. Sometimes the files fail to play on any other device which usually creates a problem for the user. […]

DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac Review

DVDFab DVD Ripper for Mac Review Apple might not really support DVD format, but the software developers are developing their way to copy, convert and create disks. But the applications available to the users at the Mac stores are quite pesky to use. DVDFab is a product that comes up with 10 applications in which the user gets to use the […]

Huawei Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X Launched in India

Huawei Launches Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X Arjun kapoor Huawei, today officially announced the launch of two new smartphones i.e Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X in India that would be sold via Flipkart. It is “For the Brave” , the motto believed by Honor. They are meant for people with courage, passion to follow dream and the drive to experiment. The launch of […]

Samsung Launches Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in India

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-and-S6-Edge-Launched What’s next in mobility was the motto for Samsung’s R&D team in India while developing the beautifully crafted S6 devices. They are claimed to be the world’s most advanced phone today. They guarantee enhanced protection, defense grade KNOX security as well as data protection. These devices define the future of mobility with the perfect blend […]

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Review: Best Budget Friendly Smartphone

Xiaomi-Redmi-2-Box Xiaomi Redmi 2 is out released into the market to give a good fight to mobiles of similar range. Xiaomi has played a strategic move by coming up with yet another amazing phone Xiaomi Redmi 2, two days after Motorola introduced its new Moto E into the Indian market. Xiaomi Redmi 2, sharing many features […]

Apple Watch Pricing List and Specifications

Apple-Watch Ever since Apple has made its entry in the global market, there has not been a single time when it hasn’t been in the top news, either for its new and amazing features or the price range announced. The latest wearable being Apple Watch introduced in the month of September 2014, a lot of speculation […]

Zoutons Review: One Stop Store for All Coupons & Discounts

zoutons-review-one-stop-store-online-discounts-coupons In a globalised economy wherein everything exists just a click away, then why not , shopping experience. Since in the traditional market experience people get various discounts and offers. So why not in the virtual shopping world? There comes Zoutons! One can find various tempting discount offers to get an easy and awesome shopping experience. […]

CollegeDunia Review: India’s Leading College Search Engine

collegedunia-review-india-top-college-search-engine Besides enjoying the last leg of school life, one starts to wonder what next? What after 12th? Which college should I join? What is the eligibility criterion for one’s dream college? This process of thinking rather than helping creates stress in student’s brains as well as for the parents. Some students rather than studying aimlessly […]

Zimmber HandyMan Services App Review

zimmber-handyman-services-app-review What if you get an instant handyman service with just a tap of your finger? Seems difficult? Not anymore. In a world where people have access to everything and anything with just a tap on the screen why not handy services? So there are Application developers who have found an easy way, wherein one does […]

Dedicated Server Hosting: Ultimate Destination for Your Website

dedicatedserver WordPress can be demanding on the CPU and server resources, not to mention the load those blogs produce on your MySQL too. And soon you may grow out of your shared website hosting as it has so many limitations. This is why many web masters desire to have inexpensive dedicated hosting eventually. You’ll see the […]

Xiaomi Launches Redmi 2 and Mi Pad in India

Xiaomi-Launches-Redmi-2-Mi-Pad-in-India In a scenario when it is becoming difficult for brands to launch affordable and in-budget smart phones in India, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has once again managed to surprise the smart phone market by launching its Redme 2. As expected, the Apple of China Xiaomi has launched 2 new devices i.e Redmi 2 and the […]