ASUS Zenfone 2 Review: Best Smartphone of the Year 2015

Asus-Zenfone-2 ASUS is known for the successful line of android tablets rather than the manufacturer of smartphones mainly in the western market. ASUS owns its success and recognition mainly to laptops, desktops and various other electronic devices rather than the mobile market. They might be known for its crazy Padfones and fonepads. At the beginning of […]

How to Use Social Media to Improve your Blog Web Traffic

How to Use Social Media to Improve your Blog Web Traffic Creating exceptional content has always been what writing a blog is all about; however, if you are writing and hoping that the quality of your content alone is going to draw people to your site, you need to think again. There are easy ways, though, to make your blog more visible through properly engaging your […]

Review: Coolpad Dazen 1 Smartphone Priced INR 5,999

Dazen 1 (left) The concept of making affordable smartphones in a country like India is taken seriously by very few brands namely a handful of Chinese and Indian Brands. A Chinese Smartphone brand i.e. Coolpad, which is quite familiar to the mobile users today in the mobile market. Earlier Coolpad was a main OEM player in the Indian […]

FotoJet- Online Collage Maker REVIEW

Fotojet-online-collage-maker-review There are no shortages of photo editing tools out there. There are a lot of photo editing tools available across all devices out there and both offline and online. However, many of those editing tools require advanced skills to bring out the best edit works on your photos. If you want to edit a photo […]

Wondershare MobileTrans for Mac Review

wondershare mobiletrans for mac review There are a lot of Smartphone options out there nowadays. Hence, it is not much surprising to see people buy a new Smartphone often to sell out or get rid of their existing Smartphone. Whether it be an Android Smartphone or an iPhone, one of the most disturbing tasks after buying a new Smartphone, is […]

ASUS ZenPower 10,050mAh Power Bank Review

Asus-ZenPower-Power-Bank Along with the popular ZenFone 2 Smartphone, ASUS, the Taiwanese company, has launched a few mobile accessories as well that includes an ASUS ZenPower Power bank as well. In such a miniscule factor, it packs around 10,050 mAh battery. The Power bank is available in various colors like black, blue, golden, pink and silver and […]

Top 5 List of fitbit trackers

fitbit-force Here are some 5 list of fitbit trackers you should see before purchasing it. Fitbit Force Fitbit Force with various features really support you lot in completing your different fitness activities. It was released on 10th October 2013. Pros: You can utilize this tracker more as it is more multi-tasking. It can monitor the steps […]

Console vs Android TV gaming? Which is better?

Console vs Android TV gaming Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are the two major players in the gaming industry. They are dominating the gaming industry since long time. The latest generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the most advanced consoles from the companies. There are a huge number of games available for these consoles. When it comes to playing […]

Apple iPhone 6 VS Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Img Credits: Youtube The South Korean giants have recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the Indian mobile market and it is already grabbing eye balls. Before the launch of Galaxy S6 Edge apple owners have launched the iPhone 6 which has created a lot of buzz in the market. Both the devices are high end smartphones who […]

Best Rideshare Applications to crowdsource your commute

Best Rideshare Applications to crowdsource your commute Commuting in peak hours can be a beast, albeit a consistent one. With the introduction of new ride sharing mobile applications, commuting isn’t that difficult as earlier it was considered to be. With just a few taps on your Smartphone, a user can get access to a taxi at his doorstep according to his convenience. […]

Top Apple Announcements Expected from WWDC 2015 today

apple-wwdc-2015 The Annual Global Developer Conference (WWDC) held by Apple in Cupertino every year, is one of the most-awaited event for Apple fans and gadgets freaks worldwide. It is in this event, that Apple usually showcases its latest software improvements and the next version of Apple’s iOS and Mac operating systems as well. As every year, there are […]